State lawmakers defer 'Fender Bender' bill, Gov. Edwards signs others

State lawmakers defer 'Fender Bender' bill, Gov. Edwards signs others

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - State lawmakers won't decide during the 2016 legislative spring session whether NOPD officers should stop responding to minor fender benders.

A spokesman for the City of New Orleans says representative Walt Leger's bill, which calls for the change, has been voluntarily deferred.

The city estimates such a change would save the NOPD at least 3,000 man hours annually.

The following is list of other bills signed into law today by Gov. John Bel Edwards:

ACT 73 – SB 28: Provides relative to the qualifications of the chief of police for the town of Gueydan

ACT 74 – SB 144: Provides relative to state banks' accounting for immovable property

ACT 75 – SB 145: Repeals certain provisions of the Sale of Checks and Money Transmission Act

ACT 76 – SB 469: Provides for cancellation of judgments in favor of the state

ACT 78 – HB 26: Provides relative to appeals of certain disability eligibility decisions in the Firefighters' Retirement System

ACT 79 – HB 38: Provides relative to reenrollment in the Firefighters' Retirement System by employees covered by Social Security

ACT 80 – HB 107: Provides for technical corrections to provisions of the La. Revised Statutes as necessary for conformity with the Safe Haven Law

ACT 81 – HB 175: Provides for requirements for training early learning center employees on recognizing and preventing shaken baby syndrome

ACT 82 – HB 190: Provides with respect to the disposition of sensitive criminal evidence

ACT 83 – HB 230: Provides relative to early voting days interrupted by a holiday

ACT 84 – HB 237:  Provides for an official symbol to identify emergency care facilities designated in the Safe Haven Law

ACT 85 – HB 249: Provides relative to the regulation of regional notification centers

ACT 86 – HB 269: Provides with respect to successions and donations

ACT 87 – HB 272: Allows a public servant to accept complimentary admission to a fundraising event held by or for the benefit of certain educational institutions or programs, excluding professional, semi-professional, or collegiate sporting events

ACT 88 – HB 288: Provides with respect to release of judicial mortgages from property acquired in bankruptcy proceeding

ACT 89 – HB 289: Provides with respect to a corporation's juridical personality at the termination of corporate existence

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