Are you trying to avoid a cesarean delivery?

Women's Health Awareness: Avoiding C-sections

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Trying to avoid a cesarean delivery? Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist Dr. Cecilia Gambala tells us three ways to help avoid a C-section.

Cesarean section is one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States. Yet, they should be avoided unless medically necessary. The best way to avoid a cesarean delivery is to avoid a cesarean for your first child. Once you have a cesarean, you are more likely to have a repeat cesarean for subsequent babies. So, how do you avoid a first cesarean?

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Don't fear labor. There are many safe ways of controlling pain during labor while also avoiding a cesarean. C-section may take away labor pain, but there is pain afterwards as well, and a slower and longer post-delivery recovery.

Avoid large babies. Big babies are usually healthy, but too big may be difficult to deliver. The tendency for a large baby may be inherited. However, there are some things within your control including staying healthy and of a normal weight range before you get pregnant and staying active during pregnancy. And, if you develop diabetes during pregnancy, be sure to stay on your diet and keep your sugar values in the normal range.

Avoid the urge to have labor induced. There is a trend in the US to induce labor. However, induction of labor, particularly when your cervix or body is not ready, can lead to failure to deliver, frustration and thus a higher chance of cesarean delivery. Unless there is a medical indication for labor to be induced, wait for Mother Nature to do her thing.

As always, talk with your doctor. Ask about ways to avoid a cesarean and discuss your options.

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