Two killed in car crash

Two killed in car crash

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Two women were killed Monday morning in a car accident in Metairie. It happened around 7:30 on the I-10 Service Road near Edenborn Avenue. Investigators say the two women were involved in a hit and run before that fatal crash.

Robert Glenn was working nearby when he heard the crash. He rushed to help the two women inside of a blue Mustang but it was too late, "I was working on a vehicle and basically a car was flying by, hear a big loud sound, initially grabbed the phone called 911, the car was over there wrapped around the pole, I responded as quickly as I could," said Glenn, "I asked are you alive? Are you okay? There was no response."

We were shown surveillance video captured moments before the crash. It shows the mustang speeding down the I-10 Service Road in the wrong lane. Witnesses say the driver of the mustang then clipped a Volkswagen that was turning onto Edenborn Avenue. The impact was so severe, the mustang was wrapped around a utility pole.

"It was airborne for a second then it hit the pole," said Latoya Gordon,"everyone ran to try to help but there was no way to get to them."

The 2 women inside died, but no one else was injured. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says the mustang had been involved in a hit and run on I-10 at the Causeway Boulevard Exit Ramp before it crashed.

"She hit this vehicle right here, the gray truck over there, my friend's vehicle, got off the interstate to exchange information, she jumped back in her car and left, flew up the service road, hit this gentleman right here and wrapped her car around a telephone pole," said Clinton Dove.

Authorities have not yet released the names of the two women who died.

Louisiana State Police say no one was injured and there was very minor damage in the hit and run that happened just minutes before that deadly crash. We're told the mustang rear-ended a Lincoln. When the driver of the Lincoln asked the driver of the mustang to pull over into a gas station, so they could exchange information and call the police, state troopers say the driver of the mustang took off.

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