Coroner releases names of women killed in Metairie crash

Coroner releases names of women killed in Metairie crash

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Two women were killed in a Monday morning accident on the Interstate 10 Service Road South near Edenborn Avenue.

The Jefferson Parish coroner identified the driver as 24-year-old Madison Comeaux, of Metairie. Her passenger was 38-year-old Jaclyn St. Romain, of Slidell.

Witnesses say the accident was caused when Comeaux, who was driving a blue 2007 convertible Mustang, was speeding down the Service Road and clipped a silver Volkswagen.

A witness walking by at the time said the speeding Mustang went airborne and landed on its side, partially wrapping around and utility pole.

Comeaux and St. Romain were pronounced dead at the scene. Jefferson Parish Fire Department crews had to extricate the women from the wreckage. The driver of the Volkswagen was not injured.

Robert Glenn was working nearby when he heard the crash. He said he rushed to help the two women in the Mustang, but it was too late.

"I was working on a vehicle and basically a car was flying by, hear a big loud sound, initially grabbed the phone called 911, the car was over there wrapped around the pole, I responded as quickly as I could," said Glenn, "I asked are you alive? Are you okay? There was no response."

We were shown surveillance video captured moments before the crash. It shows the Mustang speeding down the Service Road in the wrong lane.

"It was airborne for a second then it hit the pole," said Latoya Gordon,"everyone ran to try to help but there was no way to get to them."

Another witness said that moments before the fatal accident, there was another accident involving Comeaux. The witness said Comeaux stopped as though she was going to exchange insurance information, but then sped off. It was then that she was involved in the fatal accident.

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