30 local students head out of state to compare anti-violence practices

30 local students head out of state to compare anti-violence practices

Thirty elementary school students who boarded a bus this morning from Sylvanie Williams College Prep in Central City, are between the ages of 9 and 12, but they're tackling big issues.

“The purpose of the trip is to give the kids the opportunity to combine a lot of the discussions that we've had here at school with current events at the actual point that they've taken place,” says school Principal Krystal Allen.

The students are first traveling to Ferguson, MO. where they will meet with St Louis politicians, and Michael Brown's father.

 Michael Brown was the unarmed black 18-year-old who was killed in August of 2014 By a white police officer in Ferguson.

 The incident sparked an array of protests across the country, some turned violent.

Tuesday, students will hear why violence is never a good way to solve a problem, and learn how to create positive change.

Williams said, "I also want them to understand the impact of policy, how policies and laws are made that impact millions of citizens everywhere, so I think it's going to give them a formal and informal way to be citizens of change."

After leaving Missouri the students will head to Little Rock, AK for a similar experience. They will compare anti-violence conflict resolution practices between the cities with what’s being done here in New Orleans to combat violence. Students say they hope the impact will be felt long after their trip.  

6th grader Keillan Moore says he's interested in stopping racism, stopping terrorism, stopping violence in our communities.

Students are learning about social issues from the past, and their teachers hope they use the knowledge to make a better future.

6th grader Joshua Bass said: "I want to learn about the things that happened back then since I wasn't even close to being born back in the 60s and 50s, especially when racism was at such a high point. I think it will be interesting for me to learn about that kind of stuff."

The students return on Friday. They will share written reports about the trip with their peers, and hopefully bring their reports to the attention of city leaders.

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