New Orleans drivers complain about defective brake tags

New Orleans drivers complain about defective brake tags

JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Have you noticed a frustrating problem with your brake tag? Well, you're not alone.

Technician Larry Lehmann with Keith's Auto Repair in Old Jefferson said workers have replaced hundreds of brake tags since August. The problem, he said, is with two-year state brake tags.

"The new ones even coming off, not the one years, the two years. I just put a lady on two months ago, and it's folding like the other ones," Lehman said.

Scott Cuccia with Smitty's Tire in Meraux is hearing the same complaints from customers at his inspection site in St. Bernard Parish.

"We're getting a lot of them coming back," he said, "Most of them start to peel a little bit, but within time the whole back will completely fall off and if you just slightly pull on it you can pretty much remove it from the clear."

We checked with Louisiana State Police about the problem. They're in charge of enforcing state brake tags, and they said if you have a defective tag you should take it back to the inspection station where you bought it and the vendor should replace it for free. Vendors can take the bad tags back to the Office of Motor Vehicles, where they can get new tags at no cost to them.

If you have a defective brake tag, State Police said you should not be ticketed for it.

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