N.O. businessman claims his life inspired new TV show

N.O. businessman claims his life inspired new TV show

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - New Orleans entrepreneur Sidney Torres says he's the inspiration for a new show coming to FOX 8.

FOX announced Monday it will air a show called APB next season. Show producers call APB a drama about a businessman who leads a private police force.

Torres is known for his efforts to combat crime in the French Quarter. He created a crimefighting smartphone app and a patrolling detail. "I'm excited that Fox is moving forward with the show. All of this happened after my home was broken into, but it happened because it wasn't just my home. It was everywhere and affecting everyone," Torres said. "Like so many of us here, I love this city and I wanted to do my part, whatever I could, to address the crime problem. I invested my own money and business experience in a new kind of policing, and that's unique. That kind of partnership between government and private industry had never been done before."

FOX has not announced yet when APB will premiere.

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