NBA Draft Lottery: Pelicans to draft 6th

NBA Draft Lottery: Pelicans to draft 6th

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Pelicans finished the 2015-16 with the sixth-worst record in the NBA and they will draft sixth overall as the lottery gave them their most likely pick. They had a 43.9% chance of landing the sixth pick and just a 6.3% chance at the top spot.

The first overall selection went to the Philadelphia 76ers while picks two and three went to the Lakers and Celtics, respectively. LSU freshman Ben Simmons is widely projected to be the top prospect in the draft, followed by Duke freshman Brandon Ingram.

In addition to the first round selection, the Pelicans also own the 39th and 40th overall selections, both acquired via trade.

In 2012, New Orleans defied the odds by winning the first overall pick with just a 13.7% chance at the top slot. A month later, they selected Anthony Davis.

The Pelicans last made a lottery selection in 2013, when they drafted Nerlens Noel out of Kentucky, before eventually trading him to acquire Jrue Holiday. The 2016 NBA Draft is set for Thursday, June 23rd.

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