St. John Parish to place coyote traps

St. John Parish to place coyote traps

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST PARISH, LA (WVUE) - St. John Parish will be placing coyote traps throughout the parish due to an abundance of complaints and concerns, the parish said Wednesday.

The Department of Public Safety is working with a Wildlife and Fisheries, Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator to remove coyotes from residential areas within the parish.

Traps are being placed in areas where sightings have been reported and also in wooded areas along Hwy 51 near the interstate. Residents are asked to report coyote sightings by dialing 911 in which a list will be comprised to assist Public Safety with trapping locations. Once coyotes are trapped, they are transported to another Parish to be used for training purposes.

Residents, especially those near wooded, vacant and open areas, should keep a careful watch over small pets and children and refrain from approaching coyotes. They should also avoid trapping devices.

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