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Nearly $800,000 in loose change left behind at airport security checkpoints

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The Transportation Security Administration has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in loose change that passengers left behind at airports across the country, including Armstrong International. 

In a report to Congress, TSA said it collected $765,759.15 in loose change that passengers inadvertently left behind at airport security screening checkpoints last year. Nearly $13,000 was collected from Armstrong International. Passengers we talked to hope that cash will help alleviate long screening lines.

"It would be nice because there's a lot of people that can't stand in line that long," said passenger Nancy Brohner.  

"More security lines. That way you can just get through there faster even when the TSA is all blocked up like it is at other airports right now," said passenger Joshua Goodfellow. 

According to the TSA report, the unclaimed money collected from fiscal year 2015 will be used this year to support the TSA pre-check expansion effort. 

Agency spokesperson Sari Koshetz said the money will help them get the word out that the program is available.

"The more people that sign up for TSA pre-check means that those individuals will have a less stressful experience in the checkpoint, and it also means that those in the lanes besides the pre-check lanes will have shorter wait times," said Koshetz. 

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