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Lawmaker sparks outrage with attempt to govern age, weight of strippers

(Source: Deven Clarke/WVUE) (Source: Deven Clarke/WVUE)

There is outrage from women in Baton Rouge this morning after a lawmaker proposed an amendment to a bill that said strippers shouldn't be too old, or too heavy.

The amendment ended up being a joke, according to Representative Kenneth Harvard of Jackson. But female legislators did not find it funny, and harshly criticized him for it.

That was the comment that caused an uproar on the house floor Wednesday.

Female legislators lined up to lash out against the amendment to a minimum age bill for strippers, which raises the minimum age for strippers from 18 to 21 years old.

Under Harvard’s amendment, strippers could be no older than 28 and could weigh no more than 160 pounds.

Harvard now says he wasn't serious about the amendment which put a maximum age and weight limit on strippers. He was trying to make a point.

He said he didn't mean for anyone to take offense, claiming it was a poke at over-regulation.

Local representatives Julie Stokes and Helena Moreno were outraged.

Harvard ended up pulling the amendment.

The bill ended up unanimously passing the house.

It now goes back to the senate changes. It will then head to Gov. John Bel Edwards his signature.

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