Drivers still having problems with defective state brake tags

Drivers still having problems with defective state brake tags

JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Many of you are still having trouble with peeling brake tags and getting them replaced. Earlier this week, we told you about the problem and what state troopers said you could do about it. But we've learned it's still an issue for both drivers and vendors.

Since our story aired earlier this week, both drivers and vendors have contacted FOX 8 complaining that they're still having problems with their defective state brake tags. One vendor wasn't comfortable being identified, but told us the issue has cost him thousands of dollars.

"I'm losing money on this," he said. "It takes time. I realize I couldn't even write off. I did close to 700 peeling tags in a six-month period last year, and I couldn't even write it off as a loss with the Internal Revenue Service."
We talked with another vendor who told us the problem is with two-year state brake tags. He said he's had to replace hundreds of peeling tags for frustrated drivers since August.

Louisiana State Police told us that Tuesday they're aware of the problem, and anyone with a defective tag can go back to the state inspection station where they bought it and have it replaced for free. And vendors can take those defective tags back to the Office of Motor Vehicles and swap them out for new tags. But the vendor we talked to said he got different information from the state just today.

"I was told that I could tape it for right now," he said. "I do a real nice, neat job, and my tape holds better than the brand new tags."

State troopers are in charge of enforcing brake tags. A spokesperson told us Thursday that they're urging drivers not to tape their tags or alter the inspection sticker in any way.

"We've been assured that they will swap those stickers out sticker for sticker, a defective sticker for a new one, and we're working with the vendors to make sure that adhesive along with our summer heat coming up is not going to have that issue anymore," said Louisiana State Police Sgt.Nick Manale.

The vendor we spoke with just wants the issue fixed for good

"Make a better brake tag," he said.

Louisiana State Police say it's not mandated that you get your peeling state brake tag replaced - just do it if it's bothering you. A peeling tag is still a valid tag, and troopers say you shouldn't be ticketed for it.

State Police say if drivers are having issues with a vendor replacing their brake tags, they can call the Department of Public Safety MVI Unit at (225)925-6113 extension 205. And, if a vendor is having problems getting the defective brake tags replaced with new ones, they can contact the Office of Motor Vehicles at (225)925-6161.

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