Carrollton Peacock nabs city protection

Carrollton Peacock nabs city protection

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - You mess with Mr. P, you mess with New Orleans.

A new ordinance passed by the New Orleans City Council created the "Carrollton Bird Sanctuary," giving government protection to the peacocks and parrots that live in the neighborhood.

Councilmember Susan Guidry proposed the "Carrollton Bird Sanctuary" after an incident where the LASPCA was called to capture Mr. P. According to a release from the city, residents wanted a way to protect the peacock and the other birds in the area.

"This ordinance creates a 15th bird sanctuary in the Carrollton area to provide those protections to the Carrollton peacocks and parrots, thereby preserving the unique charm and character of one of our city's many vibrant neighborhoods," Guidry said.

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