Weed snacks discovered in Laplace

Pot-laced snacks show up in LaPlace

LAPLACE, LA (WVUE) - When someone called about a strong odor coming from a room inside of a St. John Parish hotel, detectives rushed over.

"Upon arrival, you could smell it. It was pretty strong and intense," says Sheriff Mike Tregre.

Once inside, detectives say they immediately began to notice illegal narcotics scattered throughout the room. They found 23 bottles of promethazine, a prescription cough medicine, known on the street as 'lean.'

"What they do is they buy an ounce or two and take it and mix it with a soft drink and get a buzz," says Tregre.

They also seized $5,000 in cash, a gun and 50 grams of marijuana.

During the investigation, several bags of chips and snacks were lying around the room. Eventually, a detective noticed they weren't normal bags of snacks.

"They're looking at the bag of snacks and they're looking at the characters on the snacks. Toucan Sam is on the bag and he's looking pretty high. He's got a bong. We started looking at the package and the labeling," says Tregre.

They turned the bags over. It clearly states, "may cause drowsiness and not for resale." It also states, "150 mg of THC," the chemical compound found in marijuana. The sheriff says the products were clearly manufactured in other states. In Louisiana, though, it's illegal.

"For them to be in the room for four days, they may have been selling these bags of snacks. We actually took the bags and opened them. They did a field test for the presence of marijuana and it tested positive," says Tregre.

If you look at the product in these bags, it looks exactly like the real thing.

"One-year-olds and 2-year-olds could accidentally ingest these snacks laced with THC," says Tregre.

It's the reason why Tregre says he immediately took to social media, posting the bags of marijuana snacks on Facebook.

So far, it has nearly 3,000 shares.

Narcotic detectives say they've never seen the marijuana snacks in St. John Parish. They believe the four people arrested were possibly trying to introduce the illegal products to the area.

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