Mother worries for her safety after discovering explicit Craigslist ad

Local mother worries for her safety after discovering explicit Craigslist ad

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST PARISH, LA (WVUE) - A mother worries for her family's safety after she said someone posted an explicit Craigslist ad about her.

The post is so graphic that we can't show you all of it. It's an advertisement for a group sexual encounter. It reads in part, "come over and do anything you want while my husband records." The ad goes on to say, "just show up anytime." It even lists the address of the unsuspecting woman, whose identity we are protecting.

"I feared for my life, for my daughter, my son and my husband."

She had no idea the ad was posted until Sunday morning, when she said a man showed up to her home to respond to the post.

"I said I don't have an ad in Craigslist, and he continued to stare at me, and I said, 'excuse me - what kind of ad is it in Craigslist?' And he just waved his hand at me and said never mind and started to walk away," she said.

So, she went on Craigslist and discovered the ad was posted Friday.

"I saw that there is different ways you can research ads, there's for sale merchandise, there's personals, so, I said let me try personals," she said. "So, I clicked on personals and I researched the different way, I typed in my address and there it was. I was horrified, I couldn't believe, I started trembling, shaking, and I screamed to my husband come see this."

She reported the incident to the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff's Office. A Sheriff's Office spokesman said they put extra patrols in her neighborhood, but aren't pursuing the case any further unless there are more complaints.

It appears the ad was taken down, but that doesn't give this concerned mother much comfort.

"I want to know from Craigslist or from the police authorities, I want to know from someone who put me and my family at risk of being harmed, of being hurt," she said.

She said she also reported the ad to Craigslist, and they responded with an email saying it's a matter for law enforcement.

We also contacted Craigslist, but they have not gotten back to us yet.

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