New Orleans makes final push for 2019 Super Bowl

New Orleans hopeful for 2019 Super Bowl

(WVUE) - The NFL is poised to award its biggest prize today (Tuesday, May 24) at the owners meeting in Charlotte, N.C. and the New Orleans delegation is hopeful another big game will come the city's way.

The rights to host the Super Bowl in 2019, 2020 and 2021 will be awarded and host cities are polishing their presentations in hopes of landing the big financial prize.

New Orleans has hosted 10 Super Bowls, tied with Miami for the most of any city.

New Orleans, Miami, Atlanta and Tampa Bay are all bidding on the 2019 game.

Atlanta is considered the front-runner for that game because of the new $1.4 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium under construction. That venue is scheduled to open in 2017.

New Orleans is not in the running for the 2020 Super Bowl because the College Football Playoff championship game is here on Jan. 13 of that year. Hosting that game precludes the city from hosting the game the same year.

New Orleans has conflicts with Mardi Gras (Feb. 16) and a national convention in 2021 and is not bidding on that Super Bowl.

New Orleans tourism leaders will make a pitch for the city.

Just ask New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson and he'll tell you exactly where Super Bowl 53 belongs.

"New Orleans is the only place to have the 2019 Super Bowl. I'm a tell you. You can't believe the number of people after the Super Bowl was there the last time that came up to me and said we have to the Super Bowl here every year not just every now and again. Every year. "

Cities and teams will make their final presentations today. The New Orleans theme is simple: A Big Easy Super Bowl.

The pitch is persuasive, but will it be enough to convince the other owners to pick New Orleans over the favorite city: Atlanta?

Presenters Doug Thornton and Mark Romig hope the effort will be enough to pull off the upset.

"I do think New Orleans remains a favorite among the stakeholders, the fans, the media and that's important to the NFL," said SMG's Doug Thornton. "If you took a poll and you asked anyone around the country where would they like to go the Super Bowl, everyone would raise their hand and say 'New Orleans.' I think that resonates and we've got that in our favor."

Presentations will begin after lunch today. Each group will have 15 minutes. The order of presentations has New Orleans going third, behind Tampa and Atlanta.

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