Workout Wednesday: Next level training exercises using medicine ball

Workout Wednesday: 'Next level training' at Anytime Fitness

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Trainer Alicia Spearman of  Anytime Fitness in New Orleans East shows us how to get a next level workout.

Overhead medicine ball slam: Place the medicine ball over head the slam it in to the ground and catch it as soon as it comes back up. Be sure to keep chest up while doing this exercise.

Side to side rope slams: This exercise helps with stability and core strength. Be sure to keep chest up at all times while swinging rope from side to side.

Kettle bell goblet squat with butt kick: Hold the bell in between, squat and then perform butt kick. A 10 pound weight is used in the video above.

Try the above exercises as a set. Start off with five rounds of 30 seconds each exercise with 30 second rest in between.

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