Rally possum gives LSU fans a comeback win

Rally possum gives LSU fans a comeback win

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA (WVUE) - LSU bats turned red-hot the last three weeks of the season, winning 11 games in a row, but that streak almost ended before it ever started. A possum entered the field against Arkansas, and the Tigers fortunes changed instantly. The rally possum ignited the biggest comeback for LSU since 1986.

"This is the first time I've ever seen that, but I mean hey it work and it worked for us tonight," said LSU outfielder Jake Fraley.

LSU's streak ended last weekend against #1 ranked Florida, but the rally possum, now in stuffed animal form was going nowhere.

"Personally, I'm very superstitious. Having him around, and we're doing very good, I'll keep him around a lot, whole year," said pitcher Hunter Newman.

Daniel the possum held court in Hoover last night, but his mojo just wasn't cutting it, that's when LSU fans in Prairieville sprung into action.

"I'm fishing in my buddies yard while we're watching the baseball game. I had some catfish lines set out. Between innings I was walking back and forth to the pond checking my poles. In the seventh rally possum comes walking across the yard. He was docile, so I picked him up and ran him over to the fellas," said LSU fan Robbie Freeling.

The "new" rally possum's adventure didn't end there. Freeling, a Metairie native, placed the marsupial next to the LSU game on TV, hoping lightning would strike twice for the Tigers.

"We set him down on the table in the eighth. We were barbecuing, and had some deer sausage and graham crackers laying around. He was fixated on the game. Every now and then we would throw some crackers and deer sausage and he ate it up. I think that kept him around, and he wanted to see the Tigers come back and win," said Freeling.

**Warning: Video contains language that some might find offensive.***

That's just what happened thanks to the rally possum of Prairieville. The Tigers scored five unanswered runs in the final three innings, advancing to the next round of the SEC Tournament. Fans will no doubt do anything for their team, but Freeling admits his allegiance would've been tested if another four-legged animal crashed their party.

"Oh it was a 100 percent because it was a possum. Definitely because it was the rally possum, anything else it would've stayed out there," said Freeling.

The possum actually stayed 30 minutes after the party. Got a little more food, did a little socializing, and then the fellas put him in a live oak tree. This morning he was no longer there.

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