Volunteers and government agencies prepare for hurricane season

Volunteers and government agencies prepare for hurricane season
With the start of hurricane season just days away, two dozen volunteers joined members of the Department of Homeland Security, and other agencies, for an annual evacuation training exercise. Volunteers began at the Allie Mae Williams Multi Service Complex in Central City with a mock registration.
From there the volunteers got on a bus and went through a TSA checkpoint at Armstrong International Airport before boarding a plane.
The training is aimed at preparing for a storm being ready to evacuate the 30,000 people throughout the city who may need assistance during an evacuation emergency.
“Every year the city exercises a portion of the city's assisted evacuation plan to make sure that our state local and federal agencies are in full cooperation to assist the citizens of New Orleans,” Director of Homeland Security here in New Orleans, Aaron Miller said.

Thursday's training happens once a year, but the Department of Homeland Security says there will be other smaller training exercises throughout the year to make sure everyone stays up to speed on the procedures.

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