Veterans honored by thousands of flags on Memorial Day

Veterans honored by thousands of flags on Memorial Day

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - In Metairie, 3,000 veterans' graves were marked with American flags ahead of the holiday, as a way to pay tribute to the service men and women buried there.

The American Legion began putting the flags out at the Garden of Memories Funeral Home and Cemetery Friday morning, and the flags will stay there at least a week.

Funeral home and cemetery manager John Appel said that the display is a great way to honor all veterans past and present, especially the ones who fought decades ago.

"Every day we lose thousands of World War Two veterans, that generation is slowly slipping away from us. The things that they did, the things that the great generation did are becoming more and more history, and things like this where we can remember the people that fought for us and continue to fight for us is very, very important," Appel said.

There will be a reception for all of the volunteers who helped make the display possible, and the manager at the cemetery says all veterans are invited as well.

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