100-year-old vet among those honored during WWII ceremony

Vets honored at National WWII Museum on Memorial Day

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - At the National World War II Museum, war heroes, both deceased and alive, were honored.

"This talks about remembering what these people did for us to preserve the freedoms that we continue to enjoy today," said Bill Detweiler, consultant for Military and Veterans Affairs who works to help put on the event every year.

Among the World War II veterans honored Memorial Day  was the Rev. Ernest Jackson of River Ridge in Jefferson Parish. In April, he turned 100 years old.

"I say thank God and I thank he looked down upon me, it wasn't I was go good, but he loved me and I found out that and I love him," said Jackson as he was seated on the front row during the ceremony, surrounded by family and friends.

For his service to his country, complete strangers rose to their feet to honor Jackson

"He has been finally recognized and that means a lot to him, means a lot to our family. Our mother's who's deceased, she's always wanted that for her husband ad his children, and his grandchildren," said Edith Jackson-Johnson, his daughter.

"He was at Pearl Harbor, he's a Pearl Harbor survivor," said Detweiler.

Others WWII veterans in attendance got a standing ovation, too. And family of two repatriated war heroes were present, as well.

"The repatriation of their relatives' remains from World War II," said Detweiler.

Rev. Jackson calls it a blessing that he is still around to witness another Memorial Day.

"I say thank you Lord for these, these, and my ears," he said pointing to areas of his body.

During his time in the military, Jackson faced some challenges because of the color of his skin, but he says he never lost his faith.

"That's right, that's right, thank God for this day," he said.

"During the time of his era black men weren't being recognized and we feel so honored that our dad is recognized…It's just an honor and a privilege to have him a dad," said his daughter.

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