Arrest made after someone posts sexually explicit ad about St. John mom

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Deputies make an arrest after a local mother said someone posted a sexually explicit ad about her on Craigslist.

Last week, we told you about the ad. It was so graphic that we couldn't show you everything it said. But we can tell you it was an advertisement for a group sexual encounter that read, "come over and do anything you want while my husband records." It went on to say,"just show up anytime." It even listed the address of an unsuspecting woman who had no idea it was posted until a man showed up at her home to respond to the ad. We talked to her then and protected her identity because she was - and still is - afraid for her family's safety.

"I said I don't have an ad in Craigslist and he just continued to stare at me, and I said, 'excuse me, what kind of ad is it in Craigslist?' And he just waved his hand at me and said never mind and started to walk away," she said last week. "I feared for my life, for my daughter, my son and my husband."

She reported the incident to both the St. John Parish Sheriff's Office and Craigslist.

On Friday, deputies say they arrested Stephen Kropog, 39, for posting the ad. We're told he knew the victim.

"I was able to expedite Craigslist based on the severity of the case and the well-being of the victim, and they forwarded me the information which showed the information uploaded from Craigslist from a computer address, IP address out of the St. John the Baptist area," said Detective Michael Shard, Cyber and Financial crimes investigator for the St. John Parish Sheriff's Office.

Investigators said Kropog now faces charges of cyber stalking and online impersonation.

"Mr.Kropog was interviewed, and during that interview made admissions in reference to placing the ad," said Shard. "He placed the ad in spite of, to get some type of revenge, per se, against this person for an ongoing conflict."

The sheriff said they've also put extra security measures in place to protect the victim.

"To do something like this to someone is totally, totally unacceptable, and hopefully this message is seen by your viewers and everyone else, good and bad people," said St. John Parish Sheriff Mike Tregre.

The Sheriff's Office said Kropog was also arrested for two counts of felony possession of illegal steroids. We're told he is on probation out of Texas for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. We have contacted Craigslist about this story, but they have not responded to our requests for comment.

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