Lawmakers look to fill budget gaps in special session

Lawmakers look to fill budget gaps in special session

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - Governor John Bel Edwards is set to address state lawmakers today as they tackle the first full day of another special legislative session.
The governor is expected to lay out his proposals for plugging the $600 million gap in the state budget.

Among his proposals, the governor wants to reduce tax breaks for businesses and individuals.  Some republicans have already voiced opposition to the proposals.

The new budget only funds 48 percent of the $300 million TOPS scholarship program, and state hospitals run through public-private partnerships take a big hit, too.  Gov. John Bel Edwards wants lawmakers to raise at least $450 million in new revenue during the latest special session to ease the pain.

The governor proposes reducing tax breaks for businesses and individuals. Edwards wants to change individual income tax brackets and limit itemized deductions that taxpayers can claim on state returns.

But many Republicans said that after raising $1.2 billion in taxes in the first special session, they're against more tax increases.

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