Slidell Police: Would-be burglar stuffs deli meat in pockets to deflect dog

Slidell Police: Would-be burglar stuffs deli meat in pockets to deflect dog

SLIDELL, LA (WVUE) - A Slidell homeowner said he cannot believe what a would-be burglar had tucked in his pants in order to get away without getting caught by a family dog on Monday afternoon.

"I think he had probably been casing the place and knew we had a dog perhaps," the homeowner said.

The homeowner said his teenage daughter and two younger sons were at their home in the Country Club Estates neighborhood when a man in his mid-20s knocked on his front door.

"She heard a knock on the door, and she didn't answer the door. We tell her not to answer the door if you don't know who it is and not expecting anyone, and she wasn't," the homeowner said.

The man who was at the door then went into the backyard, opened a sliding glass door and came face-to-face with the homeowner's daughter.

"She said 'get out of here'. He said he just wanted to know if we needed our grass cut, which was bull," the homeowner said. "He had food to give our dog. So he was definitely intending to rob us."

"He had deli meat inside his pockets and started to feed the dogs to deter them," Slidell Police Sgt. Dan Seuzeneau said. "It's really strange. We haven't seen something like that before."

Officers said the deli meat maneuver worked for the would-be criminal. Once he gave the dog to the cold cuts, he ducked out of the backyard and wasn't seen after that.

"For this guy to think ahead and bring some kind of deli meat to deter the dogs is unbelievable," Seuzeneau said. "We definitely have an issue here."

Investigators have not tied any burglaries to the deli meat incident in Country Club Estates. However, officers did say another strange report Sunday night from a resident nearby raises concerns that a team may be targeting the area.

"The night before where they had some suspicious activity that involved a female that was approaching a house looking for what we think to be hidden keys on a porch," Seuzeneau said. "There was a suspect waiting at a silver Lexus and what they thought to be a lookout for this lady looking for keys."

Police say the possible lookout matched the description of the attempted burglar, but at this time, investigators cannot confirm if the two incidents are linked.

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