Group to put cold cases on wine bottles

Group to put cold cases on wine bottles

(WVUE) - A group helping to investigate cold police cases hopes a unique project will bring new attention to forgotten victims of crimes.

The Cold Case Investigative Research Institute has gotten permission from families to put faces of crime victims on wine bottles.

Allison Foy is one of the victims selected to be a part of the program. Her body was discovered in 2008, along with another woman, but the case remains unsolved.

"It's very out of the box," said Linda Rawley, a spokesperson for the Wilmington, North Carolina Police Department. "We've seen milk cartons, we've seen all other kinds of ways to get information out. It's a unique strategy we certainly are not opposed to it in anyway, we believe that the more information that is out there, that we have a greater chance of getting information."

Victims of unsolved homicide, kidnapping and domestic violence cases will all be featured on the bottles.

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