Ryan Davis faces additional charges in Kenner, Jefferson Parish

Teen may be linked to more than 20 armed robberies

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - A 15-year-old armed robbery and carjacking suspect who turned himself in to New Orleans police this morning is facing additional charges in Kenner and Jefferson Parish.

Police say the victim of a Kenner armed robbery positively identified Ryan Davis as the gunman who robbed him.

The incident was captured on surveillance video.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office says Davis is responsible for an armed robbery and attempted armed robbery that happened in the 3700 block of veterans last month.

Officers say Davis took part in at least six carjackings, armed robberies or attempted robberies in New Orleans.

Investigators believe the crime spree started last month. But they got a break last week when they spotted Davis in a stolen car.

Usually, a 15-year-old's identity would not be revealed publicly, but NOPD chief Michael Harrison says Davis is suspected of some serious crimes.

"it doesn't matter that he's 15, it doesn't matter that he's 50, he stepped up and did some grown man crime and we're gonna treat him as such," Harrison said. "And it's absolutely wrong and he was terrorizing members of this community and we're not going to stand for it."

Police think Davis will face additional charges once their investigation is complete.

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