JP officers to patrol Grand Isle after half of police force is arrested

JP officers to patrol Grand Isle after half of police force is arrested

GRAND ISLE, LA (WVUE) - One day after three Grand Isle police officers were arrested, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office is stepping in to help restore order on the island.

FOX 8 has learned that some of the top members of the JPSO took the department helicopter to Grand Isle Thursday afternoon and came up with a plan to boost the badly depleted police force.

The Grand Isle police chief said he has been told that the JPSO will send two officers to boost his three-man department as the island heads into its busy season. A JPSO supervisor will be responsible for managing the task force and will report to JPSO Third District Patrol Division Commander Captain Sean Lusk. The help is badly needed after three officers - half the department - were arrested Wednesday on malfeasance charges. The JPSO deputies will work 12-hour shifts through July 4.

"I feel good," said Grand Isle Police Chief Euris Dubois. "There's no way we can handle it, just the three down here. There's no way we can handle it with all the people coming in. We sometimes have 10,000 people coming in - with three officers, there's no way we can handle it."

Dubois said his remaining officers will handle traffic offenses and misdemeanors, while felonies will be handled by the JP officers, who will be housed in the JPSO facility at the Grand Isle Multiplex Center. Mayor David Camadelle has agreed to provide daily meals to the officers, according to Sheriff's Office spokesman Col. John Fortunato.

The JPSO issued a statement that reads, in part:

"Beginning at 7:00 PM tonight, all calls for service to the Grand Isle Police Department will be rerouted electronically to the JPSO 911 Communication Center. We will have a special dispatcher assigned specifically to handle all calls for service on Grand Isle.  These calls will be dispatched to the JPSO officers on duty, along with the officers from the GI Police Department. JPSO will assume responsibility for these assignments. We want to insure all of the citizens of Grand Isle, that all law-enforcement services will continue without interruption."

Dubois has served five terms as police chief and retires at the end of this month.
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