Driver in fatal flood wall crash due in court today

Driver in fatal flood wall crash due in court today

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The driver of a Lamborghini who crashed into a Lower Garden district flood wall, killing a female passenger, is due back in court today.
Accused driver, 30-year-old Jason Adams is expected back in court this afternoon for a hearing, this after posting a $75,000 bond in May.

Back on May 4th police say Jason Adams was driving the luxury sports car when he lost control and crashed into a flood wall on Tchoupitoulas Street, killing his passenger Kristi Lirette.

Adams was injured and left in a wheelchair after the crash.

The state told the court Adams was driving 118 mph down Tchoupitoulas before the crash.

Prosecutors say that Adams had a blood alcohol level of .11, pointing out that the test was taken nearly three hours after the crash, indicating it could have been much higher during the crash.

After the incident, an arrest warrant was issued for Adams.

He turned himself in and police booked with vehicular homicide.

Fox8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti explained why Adams faces the charge that he does.

"Vehicular homicide by definition is killing someone while driving something. A car or a boat while you are intoxicated and so it would appear that they ran toxicology and that this young man was over the limit or had some other drug in his system."

Adams court appearance is scheduled for 3 p.m.

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