Kenny Vaccaro gets new role on defense

Kenny Vaccaro gets new role on defense

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - The Saints are changing some of their defensive approach by altering the way they use Kenny Vaccaro. The change is all about taking advantage of what Vaccaro does best, which is a variety of things.

Whether it be covering tight-ends off the line, playing closer to the line in run support or dropping back in his 'usual' free safety position and ball-hawking, Vaccaro's shown an ability to excel in all three areas.

And with the return of Roman Harper to the team, this frees Vaccaro up to do more and he's on board with that idea.

"It feels like I'm kind of doing what I did in 2013, I'm playing over the slot, I'm blitzing, covering tight ends, doing kind of everything," said Vaccaro. "That first year my head was spinning, I was out there just playing. Second year, I was learning how to take care of my body and just playing strong safety position and now that I've got three years under my belt, I'm pretty comfortable. If I've got the skill set, then why not do it? Why not be dynamic because there's not many guys that can do all those things so I think that's the way he wants to use me."

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