NOPD & HANO cops ask for tips in officer's murder

NOPD & HANO cops ask for tips in officer's murder

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Officers with the NOPD and Housing Authority of New Orleans canvass the area where a HANO officer was gunned down one year ago, trying to drum up tips.

In scorching temperatures, HANO and NOPD officers went block to block in Central City Wednesday afternoon, stopping at every door.

"About a year ago, the murder that happened back there, one of our co-workers was murdered," Ofc. Tina Mullins told a resident.

They handed out fliers, advertising a $35,000 reward, while looking for any information they can find.

"We're praying that we get a good lead," HANO Chief Bobby Anderson said.

They're trying to find the person who gunned down Ofc. James Bennett, Jr. in what police call an ambush attack. Bennett was killed while he sat in his unit, patrolling a HANO construction site on May 24th, 2015.

Anderson explains, "We haven't made an arrest so we're not going to stop until an arrest is made and then we can put this thing to rest."

For Mullins, the mission is personal.

She explains, "The night that he was killed, he relieved me. I was working that guard detail, so when he came on, he relieved me."
Meaning if Mullins had stayed that night, she might not be here today.

"I don't care how hot it is out here, I would be out here doing this on my own time if I had to, we need to catch this guy," Mullins said.

Bennett's family and the officers say closure is all they're asking for.

Last month, Bennett's mother, Chung, said, "People out there have a heart, please come forward, do good deed, that's all I'm asking."

Mullins adds, "I miss him a whole lot, he was very close to me. He was one of us and he's still one of us."

This is the third time the officers have canvassed the streets near Freret and Erato where the 45-year-old was found shot to death. They say the recent one year anniversary of his death brings back many memories and makes the mission of finding his killer, that much more important.

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