City beefs up security for Pride weekend

City beefs up security for Pride weekend

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Police will be in the French Quarter in full force this weekend for the city's Pride Festival.

Following the mass shooting in Orlando, the city is taking every precaution to provide a safe environment for everyone taking part in this weekend's celebration.

"Not just in light of what happened in Orlando, but we always prepare for major events that come to the city. So, our French Quarter, which is the 8th police district, will be at one-hundred percent staffing, every single member of the 8th district will work Friday, Saturday and Sunday," Chief Michael Harrison said.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu remarked the city is always practicing for worst case scenarios.

"With all of the major events that are almost second to none, we have a very experienced force at making sure that we keep safe," Mayor Landrieu said.

For some people, the mass shooting still has them worried about safety, but the added security is a relief.

"It really makes everyone feel a lot better about that, but everyone is still on edge," James Kelley, who works on Bourbon Street, said.  "Even on a regular weekend, you could have a bar fight. No one would ever think gay bars, but we're in the south and it happens."

Catharine Paterno made her way to New Orleans to enjoy the Pride Fest weekend with friends. She said she would have made the trip with or without added security.

"It made me want to come down more, there was not one second in my mind that I was gonna return my ticket." Paterno said. "I want to support the community and be there for my friends, not for one second did I want to stop coming down."

It's that sentiment that some think will bring more people out showing pride in full force.

"If anything right now, what everyone needs to do is be out and show support for the community, and say this is not going to stop us. If anything we're going to be even more prideful," James Kelley said.

Police ask anyone who sees something suspicious to report it.

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