LSU reverses halftime band policy

LSU reverses halftime band policy

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - LSU has changed its tune about marching bands from visiting teams. Now it says they will be allowed to perform during halftime of football games.

The reversal comes less than a week after the university instituted a new policy that would have banned the rival bands. It had said the decision was made because of an injury on the field two years ago.

On June 15, university officials said they developed a plan that would safely allow the visiting bands to perform.

"There are serious safety issues to consider in adopting the proper plan for on-field performances by visiting bands," said LSU Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Joe Alleva. "When both our band and the visiting band are scheduled to perform, there's the possibility of having over 600 additional people converging onto already crowded sidelines while the game is in progress. There are legitimate safety concerns that can affect our student-athletes, so we have developed a plan to insure a more secure environment for everyone."

The new plan calls for reconfiguring the South End Zone to allow visiting bands direct access to the field.

The university said when visiting bands to perform, LSU's band will perform first.

"We have gladly made adjustments to our own halftime show to make it possible for visiting bands to perform on the field," said Damon Talley, LSU Director of Bands. "It is important that we're able to share the field with our colleagues who want to experience the unique atmosphere that is Tiger Stadium. We enthusiastically support the university's effort to make this happen."

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