Councilman Mike Sigur to continue as acting Kenner mayor

Councilman Mike Sigur to continue as acting Kenner mayor

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - Councilman Dominick Impastato has closed the revolving door at the Kenner mayor's office.

In a news release Friday, Impastato announced he would yield his opportunity to serve as council president and mayor to Councilman Mike Sigur who has held the position since January 6.

"As much as I would personally love to serve as acting mayor, I believe it is in the best interest of the city, its employees, and its citizens to promote continuity in the office of Mayor.  Councilman Sigur and our city's administrative team have already adjusted to working with each other, and there's no reason to change that partnership," said Impastato in the statement.

When Mike Yenni was elected Jefferson Parish President, it set the stage for the odd arrangement at Kenner City Hall.

The city was unable to get a special election on the ballot until November.

Under the city charter, Sigur took over as acting mayor when Yenni assumed his new role. New Council President Dominick Impastato was to take over as interim mayor between July 1 and the inauguration of the victor in November election.

Sigur said, "Dominick is a man of high integrity, a true public servant, and he proved it by doing what he believes will put the people he serves above all self-interest."

The city's news release says Impastato will remain as council vice-president and will assume the role of council chairman once a new mayor is seated.

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