Metairie doctor captures brazen break-in on camera

Metairie doctor captures brazen break-in on camera

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - A Metairie doctor said he captured a brazen break-in on camera.

It happened early Sunday morning in Old Metairie to doctor and Jefferson Parish Deputy Coroner  Granville Morse.

Surveillance video shows a man walk up, put sunglasses on, then open a car door. While he looks inside, his accomplice stands behind him and peers into the back window. Then, the man wearing the shades spots the surveillance camera, smiles and makes hand gesture.

But the camera doesn't deter him. He goes back to rummaging through the car.

Now, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating.

"The one with the sunglasses obviously has no respect for anybody or the law based on what he did when he saw the surveillance cameras, so he's someone that I would certainly like to get off the streets," said Morse, who posted about the break-in on Facebook.

Gino Ascani, who is the founder of Lakeview Citizen Watch, shared the post and even offered a reward.

"Old Metairie is a stone throw away from Lakeview, so any crime that happens in Mid-City or Lakefront or Old Metairie is going to directly affect Lakeview at some point in time, whether it's then or now. So I figured that, you know, with the power of social media and cameras like he had, that you know, it was a good possibility with the footage and the clarity that he had that we could catch these people," Ascani said.

As for Morse, he said neighbors should get surveillance cameras and lock their car doors, something he said he forgot to do that night.

"I'm usually prudent about locking my car doors, and unfortunately, I had a lapse in memory that night and didn't lock my car doors, and that's what happens," Morse said.

Morse said the two men on surveillance video went through both of his trucks but didn't steal anything, even though, he said there were things for them to take.

If you have any information about this case, call the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

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