Demps speaks publicly for first time about season

Demps speaks publicly for first time about season

(WVUE) - After 86 days of stone cold silence, Pelicans general manager Dell Demps spoke publicly for the first time Monday. His press conference ran the gamut of topics including his nearly three months of a muted mouth.

"I really didn't have anything to say," Demps said. "I thought Alvin (Gentry) summed everything up at the end of year press conference."

But that didn't stop the speculation surrounding his own status with the club to run wild. Demps acknowledged it's simply part of the business.

"This is pro sports. there's always going to be speculation," Demps said. "But I'm fortunate, I work for an organization that supports me and believes in me. They understand we went through hard circumstances."

None bigger than injuries. This season the core of Anthony Davis, Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans, Quincy Pondexter, Jrue Holiday and Omer Asik missed a combined 244 games.

That, Demps said, gave the season an incomplete final grade.

"I just really don't know if we'll ever know how good this team would have been with all the setbacks and injuries," Demps said. "When you go back and do the self-assessment and evaluation it's just hard. I'm going back and looking at all the stats and looking through games and the film and all the pieces aren't there together."

But this is not the first season they've dealt with an alarmingly high amount of injuries which has led to questions if the Pelicans simply have bad luck or if things need to fixed internally.

"We are really working on prevention and corrective exercises in the offseason. we've been doing that the past couple of seasons and some of the injuries last year were contact injuries. The contact injuries are the ones you can't prepare for."