Judge approves agreement to appoint 'compliance director' to run New Orleans jail

Judge approves agreement to appoint 'compliance director' to run New Orleans jail

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A federal judge Tuesday morning announced a compromise between Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman and the U.S. Justice Department that appoints an independent compliance monitor to oversee day-to-day operations at the New Orleans Jail.

A copy of stipulated order says jail will hire an independent compliance director to implement the consent judgment. The compliance director will be on the job for no less than nine months.

The agreement says Gusman will choose the compliance monitor, but nominees will be put forth by the plaintiffs.

Federal prosecutors and Gusman attorneys had been locked in a legal battle in a hearing for weeks, over conditions at the jail.

Within 90 days of his or her appointment, the compliance director is required to submit a plan to the court to address the problems in the jail and how the plan will bring the jail into compliance with the consent decree within a year.

The plan will require Gusman's approval. If the sheriff has any objections, he can, under the agreement, file a dispute with the court.

In developing the plan, the compliance director is ordered to consult with Gusman and relevant jail staff. Input from plaintiffs, the city of New Orleans and jail monitors is also mandated.

Read the agreement:

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