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Lawmakers still looking for ways to raise revenue, special session ends today


Louisiana state lawmakers only have a matter of hours. to push to raise more taxes before the special legislative session ends.

The session officially comes to a close later today.

But, there's still unfinished business when it comes to finding solutions to the state's budget crisis.

The state senate unveiled its $258 million spending plan yesterday.

The plan saves colleges from deep budget cuts but leaves other schools at risk.

Students in the TOPS scholarship program would get 70-percent of their tuition costs covered.

Unless lawmakers agree to raise more than the $258 million already on the table, the balance of the $600 million budget shortfall would have to be dealt with through reductions in state services starting July 1, according our partners at | The Times-Picayune.

A higher priority was given to education and hospitals for the poor and uninsured. Almost all funding requested by Gov. John Bel Edwards was included in the plan.

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