Slain deputy's mother talks about need to visit site of his death

VIDEO: Heartbroken mother returns to scene of slain deputy's death

HARVEY, LA (WVUE) - On Thursday, one day after he was killed in the line of duty, JPSO Deputy David Michel's family members were sharing their memories of him.

The deputy's mother and father went to the shooting scene in Harvey, where the outpouring of emotion has been ongoing. At one point, a man broke down in tears at the growing memorial at Manhattan Boulevard and Ascot Road, where the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office erected a sign to remember their fallen brother.

But the most emotional part of the afternoon came when Deputy Michel's mother and father came to the scene and were joined by Sheriff Newell Normand. They spent a little more than an hour, and Michel's mother, Sam Daigle, spoke about the kind of person her son was. She said he had always wanted to be a police officer. She said he was a kind, strong man who had a sense of humor. She remembered his laugh and the hugs that he used to give her.

She said Wednesday was a very difficult day as she heard the news, but Wednesday night was even tougher because she said she was drawn to the spot where her son was killed.

"Everybody keeps asking me to tell them about David," she said. "Well, to me, I want to tell you how I feel about being David's mother. To a mother, I don't care how big he was - I still feel like I can still feel him in my arms little. So when you can still feel him in your arms little...yesterday when they took me to see him and I saw him and he was gone. And I hugged him. But in the middle of the night, I had to come. I had to get up and come here and find this place, because I needed to find out where the last place he was alive. I just needed to find out what happened to him, so I had to come to the last place where I knew he was alive."

She ended our conversation by saying all her son wanted to do was good, and she believes that he had done that.

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