Covington issues a boil water advisory for the entire city

Covington issues a boil water advisory for the entire city

COVINGTON, LA (WVUE) - The City of Covington has issued a boil water advisory for the entire city.

On June 23, a subcontractor performed a replacement of a section of water main as part of an ongoing project. Any new section of water line is subject to testing for water quality before it is put in use. Water quality testing for the new section of pipe was scheduled for Friday morning, but the new line was pressurized prematurely,

As a result, and only as a precaution, the boil water advisory was issued.

There was a block party planned for Friday along N. Columbia Street, and it's expected to bring out lots of people. Workers at St. John's Coffeehouse said the boil advisory makes their jobs tougher.

"That really affects things like washing dishes and rinsing pitchers, and most of all brewing coffee, because it pulls straight from the brewer," said Kristin Dillon. "The water pulls straight from the lines. I haven't had to brew coffee yet, but I will have to figure out what to do at that point as to what I need to do when I run out."

"This morning they came, and unfortunately one of the valves had loosened overnight and water had passed through, so we didn't have any test that we actually failed," said city Director of Administration Gina Hayes. "What happened is we didn't get a chance to test before the water passed through the pipe, so it's a precautionary measure."

Chlorine was used to treat the line as it was being worked on, but testing must be done to make sure it's safe. The city said it's working with DHH to get those test results back - hopefully sometime tomorrow.

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