Peyton Manning enjoying retirement

Peyton Manning enjoying retirement

(WVUE) - For 21 years, Peyton Manning, along with his famous father and brothers, have been putting on the Manning Passing Academy. However, this year there was something noticeably different about Peyton's trip to Thibodaux. After this camp, there's no training camp that follows.

"It's not that weird to tell you the truth. I haven't felt that strange now maybe in the fall it could be different come September and October I can't tell you that," Peyton said. " All I can say is, I did not get shorted in my football career."

Thus, his decision to retire is one Peyton said he doesn't feel an ounce of regret over.

"I have not had any type of withdrawals during OTA's and I was down in Florida for a commitment and I went out with two of my friends in the coaching business: Adam Gase and Clyde Christensen. I went out and watched them practice and everybody said 'you're going to feel weird out there, you are not going to like it.' I didn't feel that way. I felt pretty normal," Peyton said.

And just in case he had any reservations about the choice he made, he got an instant reminder earlier this week about how right he was.

"I threw one pass out there to a tight end and I underthrew him by about five yards," Manning joked." So that was a good reminder that I don't need to be throwing anymore."

Peyton said he'll spend the season around football but as a spectator. He'll attend regular season Giants games, go to the season opener in Denver where they'll drop the Super Bowl and return to Indianapolis where they'll celebrate the ten-year reunion of the Colts' Super Bowl title.

"I've been very much at peace with it."

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