Nicondra: Temperatures feel like triple-digit heat

Nicondra: Temperatures feel like triple-digit heat

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - High pressure is keeping us mostly dry and plenty hot around here.

We continue to see warm and muggy conditions this weekend with plenty of sunshine and very little rain. The lack of rain and very little cloud cover means temperatures are soaring with highs in the middle 90s again this afternoon.

Plenty of moisture is keeping dew points above 70 as well so the feels like temperatures is in the triple digits and more moisture on Sunday may kick those feels like temperatures above 105 to the 110 degree range making a heat advisory necessary.

We have to look ahead to Tuesday before we see any serious changes. A front will push into the area increasing rain chances. That increased rain chance will reflect in not as hot temperatures.

Tropics are quiet.

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