Tulane's Lisa Stockton reminisces on Pat Summit's vast impact

Tulane's Lisa Stockton reminisces on Pat Summit's vast impact

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Coaching legend Pat Summitt passed away Tuesday morning after a five-year battle with Alzheimer's Disease. The former Tennessee women's basketball coach won eight national titles during her 38 seasons in Knoxville but her impact cannot be measured by simply wins and losses.

Tulane coach Lisa Stockton never faced Summitt on the court but worked alongside her at camps and got to know her at such events. "The great thing about Pat Summitt is that she was an intense competitor and she got the most out of people but personally she was as nice and compassionate as any person you'd ever want to meet and I think anyone who ever met her probably just couldn't believe how nice she was and how approachable she was," Stockston said. "She will always be a person that I admire and I admire how she built our game and what she was able to do at the age of 22 at Tennessee but also just her consistency. How she was able to win at such a high level, grow the game and grow herself with it.....Her impact, we will always feel."

In addition to bringing her sport to a national stage, she also elevated women's athletics as a whole, a legacy that will live on, according to Stockton. "We missed her from our game when she retired but we will certainly miss her presence around our game," Stockton added. "I think her impact on women's athletics, not just women's basketball...you think about the amount of scholarships in sports now and just how big women's sports are. I think you can trace a lot of them back to what Pat did in those early years and how she really fought to get national recognition for our sport but also to get scholarships for our sport."

Summitt was 64 years old.

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