Neighbors go the extra mile to reunite lost dog with owner

Locals go the extra mile to help reunite lost dog with owner

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Neighbors go the extra mile to reunite a dog, reported missing from Lakeview, with its owner.

Lisa Fitzpatrick lives Uptown and when her dog Bella took off from her dog sitter's house in Lakeview, she feared the worst. The sitter posted photos of Bella on social media and the search quickly gained steam.

"We had sightings from all across the New Orleans area of the Lakefront from Landry's Seafood all the way to Pontchartrain Park," Fitzpatrick said.

Some residents picked up the trail and took to the next door app, posting sightings, updates and coordinating searches. A team of about eight women spearheading a grass roots search effort that even missing persons seldom get. The quest for the canine took on a life of it's own.

"Really just putting the word out," Fitzpatrick said. "More than I ever would have even imagined doing, and certainly couldn't have done alone. They really should be in politics. They really canvassed every possible avenue they could.

The multitude of posts on the site, the effort, the care, the kindness from perfect strangers across New Orleans left this wife and mother of two stunned.

"Someone found a way to combine old fashioned neighborliness with social media," Fitzpatrick said. "They're doing it somehow, it was amazing."

Equally amazing is how Bella survived for the past month. She apparently found shade regularly under a house at Canal and City Park Avenue. A neighbor spotted her hiding under the house and posted to the app. It was only a matter of time before the dog sitter gave Lisa and her family a phone call Sunday, that they won't soon forget.

"She called and said, I am looking at her," Fitzpatrick said. "She is under the house. Its her! You need to come here right now!"

And now Bella's back at home, where she belongs. All because some strangers took the time to care.

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