Private instructors helping Chandler Fields be the next great quarterback

Private instructors helping Chandler Fields be the next great quarterback

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Los Angeles Rams playoff drought is 12 years and counting. To end the run of futility, a franchise quarterback looks to be the Rams savior.

"I'm going to come in and work as hard as I can. Be the best teammate I can be. Win a lot of games in Los Angeles," said Jared Goff.

Goff actually prepared for this moment all his football life working with private instructors molding him into a superstar. According to a Sports Illustrated report, 12 of the 15 quarterbacks drafted in 2016 received instruction away from school. One of them could start for the Super Bowl champs.

"I'm kind of glad it's over with, that whole process. Now I have a team, I have a family to be part of and I'm ready to get to work," said Paxton Lynch.

The question now is who's next? Wyatt Harris of Sonic Boom is molding the next great superstar, but he's clear his methods are for singular success.

"I can never be a coach. Coaches work with a team and winning, and do plays, I don't do plays. So what he getting with me is straight individual, I work on skill sets. I work on being a quarterback. What it takes to be a quarterback," Wyatt Harris said.

The next prodigy in Harris' arsenal is Chandler Fields of Holy Cross. Chandler's individual workouts started in the sixth grade under Harris. This soon-to-be sophomore is making quite the impression on his mentor.

"Probably my most competitive guys of all time: Early Doucet, Robert Meachem, Tracy Porter, 'Quiet Storm' Colston, Chandler Fields higher than all of them. I could take his heart, put it on a table, and he'll crawl over and eat everybody else's heart," said Harris.

Chandler's father, Troy, played football collegiately at Nicholls State, and professionally with the New Orleans Night of the Arena Football League. He recognized early that Chandler excelled on the football field and wanted nothing but the best for his son.

"Started seeing his desire to go higher and higher, wanting that training, wanting that extra edge to be a great quarterback. So we just kept feeding that," said Troy Fields.

"The biggest thing he's done for me has gotten me mentally tough. From everything from the teachings, to learning quick, and all the footwork drills, arm actions, where to place the ball," said Chandler Fields.

The Fields family isn't the outlier when it comes to private workouts. This is now becoming the norm in big-time football.

"If you don't have a private guy that is at least working with you throwing, or running routes, speed work, you're going to be behind the kids that are in the top 100, top 250," said | Times-Picayune recruiting writer Andrew Lopez.

All those workouts paid off in Fields' freshman campaign for the Tigers. He finished with 1,755 yards passing, and 18 touchdowns. No pass more memorable then his fourth-and-ten overtime connection against Jesuit. Holy Cross eventually won in double overtime 28-21, and a star was born.

"The poise he showed at that moment, we called a timeout right before that fourth down. I remember very vividly, he was relaxed as anyone in the stadium, and he's a freshman trying to win a game, or tie a game at that point. It was remarkable," said Holy Cross Head Coach Eric Rebaudo.

"That game pretty much got my name out there as Chandler Fields. Cause before people knew me, after that game everyone knew me around the city. After this season, and a couple of more seasons I want everyone around the country to know me - that's the goal," said Fields.

With that objective in mind, Fields will spend most of his waking hours working with Harris in the oppressive summer heat.

"I would say during the summer, offseason for him, probably say 24. That's hours with me," said Harris.

Fields also does weightlifting work at Holy Cross, and 7-7 drills this summer. Some might say this could be football overkill, but his parents say that's just not the case with Chandler.

"Some parents would say this is psycho, this is over the top. If it's someone's goals and their vision, let's feed that. You test a level of commitment. That's what he wants, so we're on board," said Troy Fields.

Fields currently owns one offer from Jackson State, but the top schools in the country are starting to circle around the big-time talent.

"SMU is a school that is really, really high on him. He's heard from a lot of the big schools. He's heard from LSU and Alabama. They're going to watch him, see how it goes," said Lopez.

With three years left at Holy Cross, and numerous intense workouts on the horizon for Chandler, it doesn't seem like a pipe dream for the Fields family to be yelling "Geaux Tigers", or "Roll Tide" in 2019.

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