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Gas prices near 10-year lows for 4th of July

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AAA expects a record-breaking travel weekend for the Independence Day holiday, with most of those travelers taking to the road.
They estimate more than 43 million drivers will celebrate the Fourth with a road trip. Don Redman with the Metairie AAA office said while gas prices are elevated in anticipation of the busy weekend, prices are still at the lowest since 2005, coming in 45 cents below where they were this time last year.
"Right now, all the factors are in favor of the consumer," Redman said. "We are talking about healthy inventory. We are talking about good refinery production. We are talking about relatively low prices for crude. So right now is really a good mix for the consumer. However, as we know, once a hurricane comes around, a lot of our fortune can change."
Redman also said the Fourth of July is the deadliest day for teen drivers. He urges parents to talk to their teens about the importance of staying focused on driving and avoiding distractions like other teen passengers and cell phones.
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