Second suspect arrested in murder investigation of Raising Cane's manager

Second arrest made in Raising Cane's murder
Joshua Every, 23 (Source: Kenner PD)
Joshua Every, 23 (Source: Kenner PD)

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - Kenner police have arrested two suspects, are questioning a third and are looking for a fourth in the armed robbery of a Raising Cane's restaurant and the murder of its manager, 21-year-old Taylor Friloux.

Kenner police identified the second arrested suspect as Mark Crocklen, Jr., 24, of the 2500 block of Van Arpel Drive is in LaPlace.

Crocklen faces first-degree murder, criminal conspiracy and three counts of armed robbery.

Police provided additional details about how Joshua Every and Crocklen got into the restaurant and what happened after they were inside. Every was arrested yesterday in LaPlace.

Investigators said Friloux and two other employees were approached by Every and Crocklen as they were taking out trash in the rear of the restaurant. All three were robbed of their cell phones, and Friloux was ordered to open the restaurant's keypad-entry door. She initially refused and was stabbed. She then opened the door and the suspects went in and stole money from the safe.

Friloux collapsed, and as the suspects fled, police said surveillance video shows Every stabbing her several more times as she lay on the floor.

Every and Cronklen then fled the building to a waiting getaway car. Investigators said after they left, the suspects split $1,000 in stolen cash.

Police said the surveillance video is evidence and will not be released.

Cane's corporate office said Thursday that Founder and CEO Todd Graves and other executives have been in communication with Taylor's mom and have made arrangements for Raising Cane's to cover all funeral expenses. Cane's has also been offering counseling for its employees.

The Kenner restaurant will remain closed for at least another couple of days, according to a spokeswoman - possibly until after the funeral.

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