Man wounded by police after fleeing St. Roch traffic stop

Man wounded by police after fleeing St. Roch traffic stop

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A law enforcement officer shot a man during a traffic stop Thursday night in New Orleans, according to initial police reports.

The incident occurred just after 9 p.m. near the intersection of North Villere and Music streets in the St. Roch neighborhood.

Louisiana State Police say a trooper and other law-enforcement agents exchanged gunfire with a man as they were carrying out a traffic stop.

A passenger in the stopped car jumped out and attempted to flee the scene. As he was running away, shots were fired.

At this point in the investigation, it is not known which law enforcement officer actually shot the man.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital and was in surgery as of late Thursday night.

State police investigators from the Houma are being called in to investigate the shooting.

Trooper Melissa Matey of the Louisiana State Police said detectives from Houma are under a different chain of command than the troopers involved in the shooting.

The driver of the car stopped in the incident was arrested.

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