Brocato's delivery driver attacked with stun gun

Delivery driver attacked

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - New Orleans police are searching for a man armed with a stun gun who attacked a 76-year-old delivery driver Friday and stole his truck.

The victim was driving for Angelo Brocato's and  making a delivery in Algiers.

Brocato's is one of New Orleans' famed institutions.

"Always stop here to get cannolis, because if we didn't, the family wouldn't let us come home," said Gary Pedigo.

Brocato's has been providing treats to customers across the region and delivering them to New Orleans restaurants for decades. But the shop has never had a delivery driver attacked.

"Everybody here is our family, one big family here, and we worry about everybody," said Arthur Brocato, one of the owners.

Police said the robber stunned the driver four times, and soon realized he wasn't going to get any cash.

"He didn't have anything to give him because it's on account," said Brocato.

Frustrated, the robber left the driver in the parking lot and took his vehicle.

"He took the cannoli, and took the truck," said Brocato.

The driver told his boss, he wasn't able to get a good description of the suspect because it all happened too quick.

"It wasn't till he jumped in the truck and got going off that he got a glance, but nothing substantial," said Brocato.

The altercation could have been much worse.

"Police said it was a weak battery or a weak taser. It just made abrasions on his chest," said Brocato.

Customers were angered.

"Obviously a lot of people haven't been taught to take responsibity for their own actions," said Pedigo.

The truck was found about a mile away.

"Somebody called and said our truck was in front of their door," said Brocato.

The good news is, after a few days of rest, the driver will be okay.

"He's a trooper, and I know he will be back," said Brocato.

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