Rodents, trash, weeds have Gentilly Woods resident fed up

Rodents, trash, weeds have Gentilly Woods resident fed up

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Rodents, trash  and overgrown grass - that's what one Gentilly Woods resident said she has been dealing with for months.

"This is not sanitary, and I do have my grand kids," said Claire Battiste.

Battiste has lived in the Gentilly Woods neighborhood for more than 40 years. She rebuilt her house after Katrina and she says she does everything she can to make sure her home is in good condition. So, you can imagine how frustrated she is to look out her front door.

"You can see how tall it's getting, and it grows and we have all kinds of little animals running up and down," she said of a nearby property. "I mean, I can't have - one day we found a rat on the porch. This is not right."

The lot next door is overgrown and littered with trash.

"My biggest concern is people can hide in here. My daughter comes in at night sometime, my grandson who's away at college, he comes here and parks here. Anybody could be behind them bushes," said Battiste.

Battiste said her family has been calling the city for three months now.

"We cannot have this. This is not right, and the city doesn't do anything. You call, they're looking into it," said Battiste. "We don't even know who owns this."

FOX 8 contacted the city. A spokesperson said the property was inspected in May and they found weeds exceeding 18 inches, trash and debris and an impassable driveway and sidewalks. They said the next step will be contacting the property's owners and scheduling a hearing. In the meantime, the city said the sanitation department will address any illegal dumping that may be going on.

"I want it cut down and I want it kept clean," said Battiste.

The city said this year the code enforcement department has conducted more than 3,000 inspections, and the sanitation department has responded to nearly 700 cases of illegal dumping.

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