VIDEO: Spectacular fireworks draw crowds to the riverfront

VIDEO: Spectacular fireworks draw crowds to the riverfront

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - If you missed tonight's fireworks on the river, don't worry - FOX 8 producer Joe Rawley captured the finale in all its patriotic glory.

It took dozens of hours of work behind the scenes, several hours of manual labor and more than 1,800 hundred pounds of explosives to create one of the country's top five Fourth of July firework shows.

"The actual physical part of putting the show together and making it happen takes about two days," said head pyrotechnician Chuck Lucia with J&M Displays.

Lucia's crew was in charge of New Orleans' "dueling barges" fireworks. The packed capsules range from the size of tennis balls to bowling ball-sized explosives that reach several hundred feet in the air.

"I think just the pure beauty of making fireworks look beautiful and the colorful boom - it's just gorgeous all the way around," said tourist Mike Shreve. "We're off for the summer like most people, and we decided we're going to Biloxi tomorrow so we decided to come in for the night have some good food and enjoy the company."

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